• MrM3000

    Everybody and their mother sells salads these days. And for good reason! You spend at most 75 cents on old lettuce and a few crappy vegetables and sell it at a 500% markup. Pure profit.

  • bahalana

    I call BS on the tuna salad being 80% mayonnaise. That would make a pretty unappetizing, messy sandwich and would be obvious. Besides, mayonnaise is much more expensive than tuna by weight, so it doesn’t even make economic sense.

    • Tarrasq

      Yeah it’s probably much closer to 50% by weight. 80% would mean there is 4 times as much mayonnaise than tuna.

      As for the Oven-Roasted chicken, well first off EVERY meat is precooked, some are frozen, shipped to the store, and reheated. Unless you want no eating space to account for all the extra cooking equipment/appliances and poorly paid teenagers handling raw meat, that is the way it will be unless you want to be paying $10+ for sandwiches (which come on you are paying people to make SANDWICHES for you…)

    • Sarah

      Do you realize what 80% mayo would look like? It would be a mushy, virtually liquidy mess. If this article can make one obvious lie, credibility to the rest of the claims are also BS

  • http://www.spottero.com Spottero

    I want my secret menu!