EA just released the trailer to the new FIFA ’16 which drops in September. In additional to amazing new features, for the first time you can play with women teams. Not that it needed any boost of sales but that additional alone will give you a reason to pick up the new release.

via IGN here is the list of new features:

FIFA Ultimate Draft Mode
“Kick off a new draft mode and you will be presented a selection of players for each position. Up front you might have the choice between Ibrahimovic, Rooney and Aguero, at left back it might be Alaba, Baines or Marcelo. Genuinely, no matter which of the options you pick you’re going to be at the helm of a dream team… One of the most welcome components of draft mode is the option to play cooperatively with a friend.”

Career Mode Preseason
“Pre-season friendly tournaments are now available to participate in, allowing you to travel through Asia, South America, North America or Europe prior to the start of the season proper… Winning these tournaments lines your next transfer budget with extra cash, so it’s well worth putting the required effort in.”

More Elaborate Celebrations
“Celebrating goals can now be performed with individuals not on the pitch. Run over to the subs bench after a goal and you’ll celebrate with squad players not included in the first 11. Alternatively, sprint towards a cameraman and the perspective will change so that you see your player through the eyes of that camera – allowing you to get a first hand look at his/her lips as they kiss the lens in true Steven Gerrard fashion.”